Milchpasteur für Kälbermilch foerster engen

HT250 - High-temperature pasteurization for the farm's own milk to feed the calves

The HT 250 calf milk pasteurizer has been developed for the special requirements of calves in the milk feeding phase. It is the only steam pasteurizer for calf milk and pasteurizes at 73.5°C (164,3°F) and 30 seconds heat retention time. The entire colostrum is pasteurized gently from the second milking onwards, highly effectively, without coagulating it. This ensures that the calves are fed healthy and species-specific right from the start, for a visible success.

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customer experiences

""We have been using the pasteurizer of Martin Förster GmbH for more than four years in our company, before we pasteurized using a standard procedure at 60°C. Only with the feeding of pasteurized mixed colostrum and whole milk utilizing the effective high-temperature method the calves became comparatively healthier and better growing. My experience is that the optimal care in the most important life phase of the calves, the health of the entire stock has been effectively improved. This year, for the first time, we had a significant additional profit from our heifer sales. The agricultural cooperative Ranzig produces annually 6.5 million liters (1,7 million gallons) and was able to earn over the additional heifer sales 2 € cents per liter more milk money. (Sept. 2018)

Christian Rußig, Head of Animal Production, Agrargenossenschaft Ranzig in Brandenburg, 650 dairy cows’ operation in north eastern Germany

"We want to take full advantage of the full milk feeding for our calves in the first days of life and for the larger breeding calves. Therefore, we need a pasteurization that reliably minimizes the pathogens. Since the introduction of the ad-libitum feeding while at the same time utilizing the pasteurizer of Martin Förster GmbH, our calves are more energetic, vivacious and have very good daily gains. "

Isolde Thielemann, director of the young animal sector, Agrargenossenschaft Linda in Thuringia

"So far, we have used batch pasteurizers with 60°C with the long time process. Since March 2018 we use the Pasteur HT 250 with our calves from the first week onwards. Compared to conventional pasteurization, there is a labor-saving improvement in terms of time savings and labor commitment. Feeding-related diarrhea in calves has fallen significantly. This effect was already noticeable 2 weeks after commissioning. We are very satisfied with the Pasteur HT 250. The handling is clear and simple to use.

Mandy Lange, Head Dairy Cattle Plant, BUDISSA Agrarprodukte GmbH Preititz / Kleinbautzen in Saxony